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31 mars
Outrage Against the machine (UK)
Kjøp billett kl. 22:00
Fredag - Rage Against the machine tribute
Billettpris: kr 150,00

OUTRAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE are the NO.1 TRIBUTE to the greatest RAP/ROCK band the world has ever seen – RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE...

Formed in London in 2015 their live shows and mosh pits have already become LEGENDARY, with people still talking about them for months afterwards...

Delivering the full on raw power and dynamics of RATM–s live show with flawless attention to detail of both the MUSIC and the LOOK. The energy of the show is breath taking with crowd interaction, stage diving and all the F–Bombs plus more... delivered in an ASSAULT that leaves you gasping for more...

This attention to detail is what makes OUTRAGE the most authentic RATM tribute band out there BAR NONE! Come and see us at one of our events or check the media page for footage... BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!
In true RAGE style we donate part of our shows to our chosen charities SHELTER & LYMPHOMA

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